Increasing Practice Profits
Increasing Practice Profits

List of Personally Administered Items

Personally Administered Items (PAI) are the drugs and devices the practice purchase and then give to patients in-practice. The practice can then claim back the 'NHS Basic Price' for the item, along with a 'Dispensing Fee'. The income appears within Open Exeter as a 'Prescribing Drugs' payment.

PAIs are identified in the Drug Tariff and also the 'Dictionary of Medicines and Devices'. We have created a list of all the PAIs from the DM+D, and it is available below. Note: the data is from the DM+D database and we cannot take responsibility for its accuracy. Also, the DM+D data is updated weekly and so may have changed since this list was created.

There are over 3,000 items claimable items available but a typical practice will only purchase 20-40. Therefore we recommend that you prepare a practice-specific list that is more convenient for staff to use. To do this:

  • make sure you understand what makes an item a 'Personally Administered Items'. The rules for this are included in the GMS Statement of Financial Entitlement, copied below
  • look through your purchase invoices to identify which items are claimable. Compare what you purchase with the list we have provided. Get a clinician to help if you are unsure what a particular item is



The List


This is a list of all the PAIs listed in DM+D. 

PAI complete list.csv
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