Increasing Practice Profits
Increasing Practice Profits

FP34 Personally Administered Items

Personally Administered Items are the drugs and devices bought by the practice to be administered to patients. The practice makes an FP34 claim for the items and is then paid a Prescribing Drugs payment. 

There are many issues and challenges to ensure the full income due is received including:

  • difficult to know what can be claimed
  • complex processes for submitting claims
  • ensuring all clincians follow the process
  • inconsistent use of clincial system templates
  • difficult to reconcile payments with claims.


These issues often leave practice managers and staff feeling out of control. As a result, many practices are experiencing a significant shortfall in their Prescribing Drugs income. 


Our research shows that practices often under-claim by £500 - £1,000 per 1,000 list per year, and this can lead to a shortfall of £tens-thousands that builds up over the years. Download our Fact Sheet to find out more.


Fact Sheet - PAI Income per Patient.pdf
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Personally Administered Items Review (PPA Review)

We offer a fixed price 'PAI Reimbursement Review' (PPA review) that covers all aspects of the management of PAIs: processes; clinical system; FP34 claims; purchasing; reporting. We quantify any shortfall in the claims and identify issues and weaknesses in the processes being followed.

In addition, we review the prices paid for administered medicines to ensure the practice is not being over-charged.


We then work with your team to implement our methodology for managing PAIs that results in a streamlined process which is proven to increase income year-on-year as well as save staff time.


We are able to deliver the PPA review and training entirely remotely, requiring no visits to the practice. We use a combination of remote access technology and video conferencing. Feedback from practices has been extremely positive, and the approach allows greater flexibility enabling us to fit around your ever changing schedules.



By ensuring all eligible items are claimed our clients see their Prescribing Drugs income increase. Additionally, where there is a history of underclaiming it is possible for missed income to be claimed retrospectively. The total amount varies greatly between practices, but it is not uncommon for practices to be under-claiming by 10% to 20%. 


Be reviewing the prices paid for PAIs we often are able to also deliver significant savings on he purchse costs. 


Additionally, practice staff have expressed their relief at understanding the process and getting back in control. The improved processes increase efficiency and reduce stress.



Our fee is based on the list size of the practice and the scope of the review. To receive a fixed price proposal, please give us a call so that we can understand your requirements.


To disuss further how we can help, call Richard on
07980 800615



Case studies

Here are the financial results of some of our recent reviews, in each case showing the increase per year in PAI income identified in the review:

  • 55,000pt group running 6 practices: £25,000pa and retrospective claim of £71,000 
  • 14,000pt practice: £15,000pa and retrsopective claim of £47,000
  • 16,000pt practice: retrospective claim of £60,000
  • 20,000pt practice: £35,000pa
  • 10,000pt practice: £5,000pa
  • 12,000pt practice: £6,000pa

We are pround of the 100% positive customer reviews received on our Practice Index page. Read what they say here:

FP34 and PAI Training

Our programme of live webinars give the practice team the knowledge needed to develop robust and efficient processes that will maximise your Prescribing Drugs income. There are a range of modules to suit the different roles within the practice.



Learn more about Personally Administered Items

Free webinar

To learn more about PAIs and how to ensure you successfully claim the Prescribing Drugs income you are due, take a look at our free webinar: 'Introduction to PAIs'.


PAI List

To help you know what your practice should be claiming, we have provided a complete list of all eligible PAIs.