Increasing Practice Profits
Increasing Practice Profits

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We can deliver an immediate improvement in your FP34 'Prescribing Drugs' income, as well as recover missed income. Many practices are unaware that they are missing out on income they are due. In many instances we have been able to recover £tens thousands. Take a look at 'Our serives' to find out more.


As a former Practice Manager I understand how difficult it can be to focus on one area at a time and so Ash Lane Consulting provide a set of specialist services to increase practice profits.


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Tracy Hole, Ash Lane Consulting.

Our services

Personally Administered Items

Maximise FP34/PPA income for the personally administered items used in the practice. Know what is claimable and recover missed income.

Ensure best price paid for items to increase profits.

'The Surgery Network' Business Platform

The Surgery Network business platform delivers cost savings, increased income and improved efficiency.


Training & Conferences

We give you the skills to make immediate improvements in your PAI processes and Prescribing Drugs income. We speak on the topic at conferences nationwide.



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