Increasing Practice Profits
Increasing Practice Profits

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Coronavirus Statement

As a result of the Coronavirus lockdown, we have adapted how we operate and we now provide all our services remotely, requiring no visits to the practice. We use a combination of remote access technology and video conferencing to work on your systems and provide staff training. Feedback of our new approach has been extremely positive.


We provide a set of specialist services to GP practices to improve operational efficiency and increase profits. As a former Practice Manager I understand how difficult it can be to focus on one area at a time and so Ash Lane Consulting provide highly targeted input to deliver an immediate improvements to practice performance. 


We can ensure you receive all the Prescribing Drugs income you are due, as well as streamline processes involved in managing the drugs purchased by the practice and the FP34 / PPA claims. Take a look at our services to find out more.


Or just give me a call. I can explain what we do over the phone, and after a few questions I can generally advise straight away how we can help. Call 01749 841430 / 07980 800615 or email

Tracy Hole, Ash Lane Consulting.

'Management In Practice' conference video

View Tracy's 'PPA Masterclass' presentation from this year's Management In Practice conference in London. It's packed with information that will enable you to make an immediate improvement to your PPA income.

Our services

Personally Administered Items

Maximise FP34/PPA income for the personally administered items used in the practice. Know what is claimable and recover missed Prescribing Drugs income.

'The Surgery Network' Business Platform

The Surgery Network business platform delivers cost savings, increased income and improved efficiency.


Training & Webinars

We give you the skills to make immediate improvements in your drugs management processes and Prescribing Drugs income. 

We also offer a 
Free webinar


Trusted Energy Management Service for GP Practices

Ash Lane Consulting in partnership with Zenergi offers Practice Managers access to a trusted energy management service. We save Practice Managers time and
the hassle of negotiating contracts, while offering peace of mind that you are not overpaying for your energy.

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