Increasing Practice Profits
Increasing Practice Profits

Prescribing-only Practices

Personally Administered Items are the drugs and devices bought by the practice to be administered to patients. The practice makes an FP34 claim for the items and is then paid a Prescribing Drugs payment. 

There are many issues and challenges to ensure the full income due is received, and profits are maximised, including:

  • difficult to know what can be claimed
  • complex processes for submitting claims
  • ensuring all clincians follow the process
  • inconsistent use of clincial system templates
  • difficult to reconcile payments with claims.


These issues often leave practice managers and staff feeling out of control. As a result, many practices are experiencing a significant shortfall in their Prescribing Drugs income and profits. 



PCSE Drugs Payments are at risk

The PCSE report contains little information that enables the claim to be reconciled. PAIs are often missed, payment errors can go undetected, and when discovered it can be difficult to identify the underlying cause.


Compass PPA Revenue Assurance

Ash Lane’s online Compass platform supports the monthly FP34 claim and then combines this information with data on the items processed and paid by PCSE. Ash Lane provides a monthly ‘Revenue Assurance’ report to confirm successful payment, or flag if issues have occurred and what action is needed to resolve them.


Support from our expert team
We provide training and support to answer queries, and provide help if errors are discovered.  

Recovering missed income 
Ash Lane will review the practice’s historic claims and recover missed income. To-date, we have recovered over £2m for Compass practices.



  • Monthly Service Fee
  • No minimum term
  • No up-front cost
  • Back-claim % ‘Success Fee’ of the value recovered

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Free webinar

To learn more about PAIs and how to ensure you successfully claim the Prescribing Drugs income you are due, take a look at our free webinar: 'Introduction to PAIs'.


PAI List

To help you know what your practice should be claiming, we have provided a complete list of all eligible PAIs.