Increasing Practice Profits
Increasing Practice Profits




It's always nice to meet people so if you are able to, please attending our of our face-face workshops. Click here for current dates.


Alternatively, you can join a webinar from anywhere. You will need access to the internet to view the webinar and can listen and interact via the computer or phone.


Webinars are shorter than the workshop and each covers an aspect of our end-end methodology for managing Personally Administered Items. 


The modules are delivered live so that you can interact with the trainer. If none of the dates are convenient, or if you don't see what you are looking for, contact us as we are expanding the programme all the time.

Introduction to ‘Personally Administered Items’ and how to maximise Prescribing Drugs income

90mins. Live, various dates. £50+vat

What are they, why are they important, how do they make money for the practice.


Finance focus on 'Prescribing Drugs Income' for Personally Administered Items

60mins. Live, various dates. £45+vat

Know what is claimable; forecast the income you expect sing our unique 'PAI Income Calculator' and then check your payments. There are 2 webinars to choose from:
PAI Finance for Dispensing Practices
PAI Finance for Non-Dispensing Practices

FP34 Preparation and Submission


We explain the steps to identifying everything that should be claimed each month, and how to avoid common errors when completing the FP34 submission.

Claiming Retrospectively for Personally Administered Items


If you have missed items in the past, or not claimed at all, you can still claim up to 6 years retrospectively.

We explain how to identify patients and prepare the claim.

What Clinicians Need to Know About Personally Administered Items


We explain the role clinicians play in ensuring all items are claimed and PAI income received.