Increasing Practice Profits
Increasing Practice Profits


Personally Administered Items

We maximise practice FP34/PPA income from NHS Prescription Services for Personally Administered Items.


Personally Administered Items are the drugs and devices bought by the practice to be administered to patients. The practice submits monthly claims to NHS Prescription Services for reimbursement of the costs and on top of this the practice also receives an income in the form of a dispensing fee for every item.


There are many issues and challenges to ensure the full income due is received, and practice managers and staff often feel out of control in this area. As a result, many practices are experiencing a significant shortfall in their income. 


Our research shows that practices often under-claim by £0.50 - £1.00 per patient per year - download our Fact Sheet to find out more.

Fact Sheet - PAI Income per Patient.pdf
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Ash Lane Consulting provides services to streamline practice processes and ensure PAI income is maximised.


Personally Administered Items Review (PPA Review) for Non-dispensing Surgeries

We will undertake a comprehensive review that will identify how much the surgery is under-claiming for PAIs, recommend the steps needed to maximise the future realisable reimbursement income and enable retrospective claims to be made for missed income.



Annual income is increased, and additionally it is possible for missed income to be claimed retrospectively. The total amount varies greatly between practices, but it is not uncommon for us to find £0.50 - £1.00 per patient per year in missed income, and a restrospecive claim of tens of thousands of pounds.


Additionally, practice staff have expressed their relief at understanding the process and getting back in control. The improved processes increase efficiency and reduce stress.

Case studies

Here are the financial results of some of our recent reviews, in each case showing the increase per year in PAI income identified in the review:

  • 14,000 patient practice: £15,000pa and retrsopective claim of £47,000
  • 9,000 patient practice:
  • 20,000 patient practice: £35,000pa
  • 10,000 patient practice: £5,000pa
  • 12,000 patient practice: £6,000pa

Read what our customers have said about he on the Testimonials page.


Our fee is based on the list size of the surgery and the scope of the review. The fee is confirmed once the full scope of the review is agreed. Download the Service Sheet for more information, or please get in touch.

PAI Review Service Sheet Nov-18.pdf
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Consultancy and Training

It is important to have an efficient end to end process within the practice, and ensure that everyone knows the part they play to maximise income for PAIs. Ash Lane Consulting has developed a methodology that has been proven to greatly increase PAI income. We are happy to provide advice on the changes needed within your practice and we can provide support to implement them. Contact us to discuss how we can help.


We can also run training for your practice staff – see the Training page for more information.