Increasing Practice Profits
Increasing Practice Profits

List of Personally Administered Items

Personally Administered Items  (PAI) are the drugs and devices the practice purchase and then give to patients in-practice. The practice can then claim back the 'NHS Basic Price' for the item, along with a 'Dispensing Fee'. The income appears within Open Exeter as a 'Prescribing Drugs' payment.

PAIs are identified in the Drug Tariff and also the 'Dictionary of Medicines and Devices'. We have created a list of all the PAIs from the DM+D, and it is available below. Note: the data is from the DM+D database and we cannot take responsibility for its accuracy. Also, the DM+D data is updated weekly and so to be absolutely sure you should always check the latest version online by clicking here.

There are over 3,000 items on the list and as a typical practice will only purchase 20-40 items, we recommend that you prepare a practice-specific list that is more convenient for staff to use. To do this:

  • make sure you understand what makes an item a 'Personally Administered Items'. The rules for this are included in the GMS Statement of Financial Entitlement, copied below
  • grab a clinician and get their help to identify which of the items you purchase meet this definition
  • then check this list against the one we've provided to double check.


List of PAIs taken from the Dictionary of Medicines and Devices
DM+D PAI list of Actual Medical Products[...]
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